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Write On: 5 Ways to Improve your Writing at Brock University

Write On: 5 Ways to Improve your Writing at Brock University

Do you love to write, but are you having a difficult time coming up with ideas? Are you struggling to see progress, wishing you could sharpen your prose? There are many tips and techniques available to you on the internet that can help you at all stages of writing, from brainstorming to outlining to revising.

Here are five tips Brock University students can use to start improving their writing skills. 

1. Become an English Major 

By choosing to be an English major, you’re taking the first big step to improving your writing. Through close readings and analysis, you’ll gain a better insight into the way writers harness language to capture an audience’s attention. Brock University offers an excellent English Language program to any literature lovers eager to get into the work force. With degrees in Creative Writing and Contemporary Culture, Brock University English Majors have a variety of options available to them. 

2. Write Daily (for fun!) 

When writing is viewed as an obligation, it can feel like a chore. Give yourself a break from essays and write for yourself! Find a quiet spot, possibly a Fire Side Lounge, and write for a few minutes about something you like or observe around you. Not only is it motivating, it generates new ideas and reshapes old ones. Who knows? By playing around with ideas, you may find an angle on that paper about “King Lear” no else has considered.

3. Ask a Friend 

It takes trust to allow another person to see your work. A friend can spot mistakes you may have missed and offer recommendations that could alter your writing for the better. An objective view of your work may be just what you need to take that paper from a B to an A.

4. Distance Yourself

Once you’ve written a first draft, take a step back from your writing. Give yourself space to notice any problems that need fixing. Students often wait until the last minute to finish an essay and this can result in poor grammar choices, faulty sentence structure, and limited detail. Start in advance and give yourself time to return to your work with a fresh perspective.

5. Freewrite 

Freewriting is a great technique that can really help “free” up your mind. Grab a timer, set it for 5, 10, 15 minutes — whatever works best for you, then write non-stop without editing yourself. This can be rather challenging at first. With time, you’ll find that you can create countless ideas and connections simply by silencing your inner critique.

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