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When Your Brock University Roommate Has a Different Sleep Schedule Than You

What to Do When Your Brock University Roommate Has a Different Sleep Schedule Than You

As a Brock University student, you may go to bed or get up at a significantly different time than others in your unit. On the surface, a night owl living with an early bird might cause some issues when it comes to getting adequate sleep. Luckily, you can live peacefully with a roommate who does not share your sleep schedule.

Keep It Down

When your roommate is sleeping, try to be quieter than you would be otherwise. This might mean using headphone to listen to music. It might include either turning down the television or avoiding watching it when anyone in the apartment is trying to sleep. If someone goes to bed early, you may even want to avoid having friends over after a certain time.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead might be especially important if you are the one with the strange schedule. For example, if you are getting up early and you take a sack lunch, have it ready the night before so you aren’t making a lot of noise trying to get it ready in the morning. Other things, such as making sure you take an apartment key with you if you are coming home late, will also be helpful, so your roommate doesn’t have to wake up to let you in the apartment.

Talk About It

Often, talking about it isn’t even necessary. If, though, a problem arises, discuss the issue as soon as possible. It might as simple as letting your roommate know that you would appreciate it she turned down the television volume when you’re trying to sleep. At other times, you may need to decide as an apartment that guests need to be out of the apartment by a specific time. When approaching the issue, be respectful. Often, your roommate is not intentionally being loud or keeping you up. The person may not even realize that it is an issue until you say something. It is also important to make changes if you are being loud or otherwise making it difficult for someone in your apartment to sleep.

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