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Try Something New During Your Time at Brock University: Paintball

Try Something New During Your Time at Brock University: Paintball

When you’re at Brock University, you’re going to get a chance to try all kinds of new things. You’ll meet new people, try new classes, and you’ll get invited to all sorts of social events. If you’ve never played paintball and you’ve been thinking about it, here’s a few tips to make sure you’ll walk off that field a winner in the end.

There’s a big difference between going out, playing the game, and having fun, and having the biggest score when the whistle is blown. If you want to have the edge that can turn you from a competitor into a winner, then take these pieces of advice from ANS Gear to heart.

Tip #1: Keep Your Head on a Swivel

When the whistle blows, and the paint starts flying, it’s all too easy to get tunnel vision. To think of this match as just you and whoever that other guy is that you’ve been having a shoot out with for the past two minutes. The problem is that while he’s been drawing your fire and attention, two of his friends flanked you, and peppered you with enough shots that you look like a Jackson Pollock painting.

There’s a whole team out there, and there’s 360 degrees of action all around you. Keep that in mind, and you’re a lot less likely to miss the opponent sneaking up behind you, even while a friend of his is laying down cover fire.

Tip #2: Find Yourself a Battle Buddy

You’ve usually got a whole team on your side when it comes to paintball, but you should pair-up with one, particular person. Might be a friend, an acquaintance, or just someone you like the look of, but you should have someone nearby to watch your back. Also someone to lay down cover fire, and who you can help with tactical maneuvers. The strength of the wolf is the pack, and you’re a lot more likely to stay in the game if you’ve got someone you can rely on than if you try to go it alone.

Tip #3: Open Your Mouth

While a good battle cry can throw the other team off-guard for a moment, you’ll actually get better results if you communicate with your own team. While you’d ideally have your own battlefield codes, hand signals, and jargon, sometimes all it takes is getting people to open their mouths, and alert the rest of the team about what they’re seeing.

Communication is key when it comes to winning the field, and you need to be able to coordinate yourselves in order to get into the best possible position. If you can do that, and avoid getting shot by the other team, then you’re golden.

Tip #4: Keep On The Move, And Work The Angles

You know that moment in war movies when our heroes bravely charge across no-man’s-land, bullets flying all around them as they take the fight to the enemy? That tactic is the reason the first World War had such a high body count.

A direct assault against the other team is a great way to get shot, but a terrible way to win. Instead, use cover, move to their flanks, and make sure you can come at the other team from different angles. Get them in a cross-fire, if you can, because that gives you all the advantages, and keeps them pinned-down. Just remember, though, if you can see them to shoot, then there’s enough of you exposed to be shot. Cover is your friend, and it can save you from taking a load of paint to the face mask.

If you’re looking for a venue to check out in the area, why not check out this Yelp list, with locations like Defcon PaintballPaintball City, and Sgt. Splatters Paintball Project?

If you’re looking for a new ‘home base’ for your time at Brock University, contact us today!

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