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Tips, Tricks and Suggestions for a New Brock University Student

Tips, Tricks and Suggestions for a New Brock University Student

Looking for some basic tips and tricks to get an idea of what to expect as a Brock University student? If yes, these tips should help you excel both on campus and in class.

1. Schedule classes around your schedule

What time you schedule your classes at should be based on your own schedule. If you hate mornings and cannot wake up earlier than 8:00 AM, do not schedule a class for 7 AM. You will not go to that class so don’t waste your time or your teacher’s time.

2. Get involved with others on campus and take the time to socialize.

If you don’t take the time to hang out with other people, you will inevitably get bored and do terribly at everything.

3. On the opposite side of point 2, you don’t want to spend too much time socializing.

If you’re socializing and hanging out with friends all the time then you aren’t studying any of the time. Do everything in moderation.

4. Only bring a car with you if you’ll actually need one.

They can be a pain to park and not bringing one can save you an arm and leg in gas money.

5. Make sure to introduce yourself to your teachers and make use of their office hours.

They have a vested interest in your success and want to see you do well. Your teachers are a resource – one you should make use of whenever possible.

6. Wait until after your first semester to get a job.

You want to make sure that you’re doing well enough in classes before you start working in addition. Remember, your education is the priority. However much you want that extra cash for video games and your phone bill, it’s not worth it if you start flunking as a result.

7. DON’T just start breaking established rules and regulations because they don’t make sense to you.

For the most part the rules are there for a reason and you don’t want to be standing in the security office, having to explain why you decided the rules aren’t for you.

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