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Tips for Brock University Students Who Walk Home After Dark

Brock university students walking home after dark

Brock University students often need to walk home after dark. Whether you have a late class, you have stayed late to study, or for another reason, walking home after dark can be a little scary. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make yourself safer if you have to walk home after dark.

Let Someone Know

Before heading home, call a roommate or neighbour to let them know that you are headed home. Then your roommate or friend will know when to expect you.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Maintain a quick, confident pace while scanning your surroundings as you walk. While you should have your cell phone ready in case of an emergency, avoid looking down at it or otherwise allowing it or anything else to become a distraction.

Travel in Well-Lit Areas

When possible, walk in well-lit areas when walking home after dark. This will allow you to see your surroundings better.

Know the Location of On-Campus Emergency Phones

Brock University has several emergency phones located throughout campus. Know where these are located, especially any that are located along your path home. Use one if needed.

Walk with Someone Else

Walking home with a friend makes the trip safer for both of you. Even if you cannot walk the whole way together, walking part of the way together is safer than walking alone the whole way.

Another alternative is to avoid walking home when it is dark. Even if you normally walk to campus, if possible, you may want to drive to campus if you know you will be staying late. If you have a friend or roommate who has a car, you could also have the person pick you up if you are leaving campus after dark.

Living close to campus reduces the amount of time you will need to travel in the dark if you do need to walk home after dark. If you are interested in living in a great apartment near campus, contact us.

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