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Tips for Balancing Studies and Fun as a Brock University Student

Tips for Balancing Studies and Fun as a Brock University Student

As a Brock University Student, you may have discovered that while doing well in your classes is important, having fun is also important. Balancing your studies with fun, though, can sometimes be a struggle. Luckily, you can establish this important balance in your life. 

Be Willing to Sacrifice

There are times that you will need to make sacrifices as a university student. You may need to sacrifice going to a fun social activity with your roommates, so you finish an important paper. At some point, you may need to decide if you are willing to sacrifice your perfect grades in a class so you can spend more time with your roommate or get enough sleep. Know where you are willing to sacrifice and where you are not willing to sacrifice.    

Know Your Limits

Some people can handle a large course load and an active social life. For other people, having one or two difficult classes is as much as they can handle if they want to also socialize. Just because your friend or roommate was able to handle a certain schedule does not mean you should try to handle the same schedule. Know your limits, and be willing to admit when you have taken on more than you handle. This might mean going to school for an extra semester or limiting your social life while taking a particular class. Never feel like you have to live up to what someone else has done. While you can push your own limits, be willing to admit when you need to cut back.

Take Care of Your Health

University students are sometimes so focused on grades and their social life that they develop unhealthy habits, such as pulling an all-nighter, eating junk food, or not exercising. Taking care of your health, though, will allow you to concentrate and function better in your classes. When you find your time is limited, combine healthy habits with socialization or studying. Cook a healthy meal with your roommates, go to the fitness center with a friend, or exercise while studying.   

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