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Textbook Buying Guide for Brock University Students

Textbook buying guide for Brock University Students

When you are thinking about how much tuition can cost the last thing you want to do is to spend more money on buying your textbooks. Purchasing your textbooks can be less expensive if you know a few tricks. Here’s our textbook buying guide for Brock University students.

Ask your Professor

Email your professor any questions you have about required textbooks. They can tell you if you need the textbook exactly as assigned or if you could get away with an older edition. Older editions will be cheaper than newer editions so this can save you some money.

Price Comparison

The first thing once you receive your list of books should be to use a price comparison tool to find your Brock University assigned textbooks. Buying your textbooks at the Brock University’s bookstore is the most convenient but it could cost more money than you have to spend. Shipping the books would take more time in many cases. Some textbooks might be available for temporary loan from the library in the interim.


If you have friends or roommates who are Brock University students and taking the same classes as you, consider sharing the required textbooks. Consider if this would be too tricky around test time though, when you would both need access to the book.

Buying textbooks does not have to empty your wallet. Enjoy your time at Brock University by saving your money for something you want rather than spending every last penny on textbooks by using the money-saving tips above.

If you are looking for off-campus housing while attending Brock University, feel free to contact us for tips on that as well.

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