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Summer Bucket List – 10 Must-Do Things for Brock University Students

Summer Bucket List – 10 Must-Do Things for Brock University Students

Brock University students are frantically cramming to finishing up their exams as summer rapidly approaches. As soon as the last essay is written and the last project is submitted, your break begins. Here are 10 ideas for your summer bucket list to help you relax, stay sharp, and have every bit of fun you can this summer.

  1. Plan a road trip. Sometimes getting out of town is exactly what you need to shake off the stress of the school year. Grab a couple of friends, fill the tank, and see where the road leads you.
  2. Go to an art museum. Brock University students are lucky to have an incredible art centre right on campus. Check out Rodman Hall‘s art exhibits that are housed in a historic building. 
  3. Go Camping. With so much natural beauty in the Brock University area, who wouldn’t want to spend the night under the stars? Or, if you’re less “outdoorsy,” there’s always Glamping. Don’t forget the marshmallows! 
  4. Volunteer. Volunteering at a local soup kitchen or animal shelter is a rewarding way to give back to the community and help those in need. 
  5. Try a new fitness class. Maybe you were too busy during the school year to explore all of the amenities has to offer, but summer is the perfect time to have fun getting healthy with a spin class, bootcamp, or yoga class. 
  6. Take a summer class. Summertime provides an excellent opportunity to pick up a class or two and get a head start on your major before the fall term. 
  7. Internships. If you’re not taking classes this summer, internships are another great way for you to gain experience and keep working toward your ultimate career goals over the summer. 
  8. Festivals. There are tons of fun activities in Niagara region! If you want to go further afield, Toronto hosts too many festivals to name, celebrating everything from Canadian films to foods from around the world. Find your new favorite band at a music festival or learn more about another culture this summer. 
  9. Catch up on your “fun” reading list. Put down the textbook and pick up that novel you’ve been meaning to read since August. You and your favorite fiction writer have a date with a hammock.
  10. Go to an amusement park. Just because you’re a grown-up now doesn’t mean that you have to stop enjoying roller coasters. Amusement parks are a great way to reward yourself for “adulting”.

Whatever is on your summer bucket list, we hope that you will use as your launch pad. Contact us to schedule a tour today.

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