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Try Something New During Your Time at Brock University: Paintball

When you’re at Brock University, you’re going to get a chance to try all kinds of new things. You’ll meet new people, try new classes, and you’ll get invited to all sorts of social events. If you’ve never played paintball and you’ve been thinking about it, here’s a few tips to make sure you’ll walk off […]

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Great TED Talks Tips (And How Brock University Students Can Use Them)

Brock University students: you’ve probably heard of the TED Talks series. They are labeled as, “ideas worth spreading.” TED Talks have been given about science and industry, history and art, and about things that have happened, or could happen. They tap into the part of us that wants to escape our bodies, and explore the […]

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When Your Brock University Roommate Has a Different Sleep Schedule Than You

As a Brock University student, you may go to bed or get up at a significantly different time than others in your unit. On the surface, a night owl living with an early bird might cause some issues when it comes to getting adequate sleep. Luckily, you can live peacefully with a roommate who does […]

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If You’ve Got A Night Off at Brock University, Why Not Try an Escape Room?

Are you the kind of Brock University student who sets a timer when they sit down to play an adventure game that’s rife with puzzles? Do you have the kind of mind that looks at a problem, analyzes every possible solution, and then finds the one that works before most people have even started fiddling […]

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3 Money Saving Tricks Every Brock University Student Should Know When Shopping Online

Brock University students (and students everywhere) love a good deal. Ask anyone out there who’s tried online shopping, and you’ll hear some great stories about bargains they found. Bonus points if they tell you how they found it while browsing in their pink bunny slippers. However, you can’t just type in a Google search, and […]

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3 Strategies for Meeting New People as a Brock University Student

Moving to a new place and meeting new people can be daunting. As a new student at Brock University, here are some strategies you can use to meet new people. Study in the Common Areas The Lofts offers the QZone study lounge where tenants can hang out and study with the use of whiteboards and group study […]

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Brock University Students: 3 Automotive Life Hacks You Should Learn

Driving is one of those things we tend to take for granted, but most of us don’t really know what’s going on in the complex depths of the machines we pilot. If you’re a Brock University student and you own a car, these three life hacks will help you when it’s time to get from […]

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Resolving Roommate Conflict for Brock University Students

You’ve moved into a Loft with your three best friends. You all get along great! You practically lived in one another’s rooms last year, so this year–all in the same apartment–it’s going to be like a non-stop slumber party, right? Probably not. Even the closest of friends, even the most laid-back of roommates are likely to have […]

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Supporting #MentalWellness at Brock University

The university experience can be a stressful time in a young person’s life. Coping with the stress of your academic career and personal life can leave students struggling with depression. If you are experiencing any problems relating to your mental wellness, it’s important to know you are not alone. There are thousands of students in […]

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What’s For Dinner? Boosting Your Cooking Skills as a Brock University Student

When you’re a Brock University student, the beginning of the year can be all about food freedom. You’re free to make your own meal plan – and at first it’s all pizza and PB & Js. But eventually, you may come to realize that you ought to put a little more thought into your diet. […]

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