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Staying Motivated to Write Term Papers at Brock University

Staying motivated as a Brock University student can be difficult. Even professional writers report having writer’s block at some point or the other in their careers. People in other creative fields also have trouble finding inspiration. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re having difficulty writing term papers. If you’re looking for a way to get past writer’s block, there are a few things you can try.

The most difficult way is to just push your way through. Ignore the chatter going on in your head, the negative comments of your inner critic and the doubts about how good you are as a writer. Just force yourself to keep going. A lot of students find that after 10-15 minutes, they get involved in what they’re doing and the negative thoughts fade away.

But if this method is just not working for you, try the following exercises:

  • Write about what’s bothering you. This doesn’t have to be a beautiful piece of writing; no one’s going to read it but you. The idea is to just get everything out there, become conscious of your negativity and squelch it in the process.
  • Make a list of the things you could do. Don’t censor yourself while making your list. Just do it as fast as possible. You’re sure to come up with at least one good idea.
  •  Go for a walk. Distract yourself. Don’t think about your paper at all. So what if you’re not productive for an hour or two? After all, everyone needs a break. You never know; you might have a “Eureka” moment when you’re not thinking about what you’re working on.
  •  Pretend you’re talking to your best friend. You might feel a lot of anxiety thinking about what your professor is going to say about your paper and what grade you’re going to get. It’s easier to pretend you’re talking to your best friend and explaining the topic. Write the first draft this way and then edit it to produce a clean paper. You’ll be surprised at the results.

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