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Resolving Roommate Conflict for Brock University Students

Resolving Roommate Conflict for Brock University Students

You’ve moved into a Loft with your three best friends. You all get along great! You practically lived in one another’s rooms last year, so this year–all in the same apartment–it’s going to be like a non-stop slumber party, right? Probably not.

Even the closest of friends, even the most laid-back of roommates are likely to have conflict at some point. Little things add up: she ate the last of the bread and never buys more, he keeps leaving his towel draped over the sink instead of hanging it up, that boyfriend has been over all week and he snores like a lumberjack! Pretty soon, you have murder on your mind.

If you want to finish out your academic career at Brock University instead of prison, you’re going to need some conflict resolution skills.

Bring up the problem early

If you wait until you’re at breaking point, your roommate is likely to sense your anger and be defensive. It’s easier to respond positively to “Say, can you buy the next loaf of bread since we both eat it?” than to “I will eat all of your cereal if you keep eating my bread.”

Assume positive intent

Sure, it feels like he practices guitar at midnight just to make you angry, but maybe it’s because he finds it calming and a practice session helps him sleep better. Assuming positive intent helps to take the edge out of your request for change

Admit where you might be part of the problem

“I know I go to bed ridiculously early, but I just work better in the mornings. I’m happy to wear earplugs, but could you also try to be done playing by eleven?”

Put it in writing

If you don’t feel like you can talk it out, whether because you’re just too conflict-averse or the roommate is likely to react badly, write it down. Send an email instead of a text so that you can consider how it will come across to the reader.

Remember, a low-stress living arrangement will make the rest of your Brock University experience that much better. Your Loft at Brock University should be your haven.

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