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Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes for the Forgetful, Cheap or Lazy

Uh oh! Have you been studying too hard and forgot all about Halloween? Never fear, here are some ideas for quick and easy DIY Hallowe’en costumes you can pull off. Some are classics, and some are clever, but you’re in no position to criticize…


The Mummy – Take some toilet paper, lots of it, and wrap yourself up.


The Ghost – This is the lazy version of the mummy. Cut some eye holes in a sheet, and throw it over your head. As a variation, cut out lots of eye holes, and call yourself Charlie Brown. And speaking of which…
Linus – Halloween is kind of a ‘Peanuts’ holiday. If you own a red shirt and a blue blanket, you’re practically there. Bonus points if you can carry around a pumpkin with the word “great” written on it.
Sexy Ghost – Chance are you’ll be seeing a lot of racy costumes around campus, but this version of ‘sexy ghost’ will leave you much warmer. Put on a sheet with eyeholes and then put on a lingerie set overtop of it. So sexy!


Be Younger You – A nightgown or pajamas and a stuffed animal, and you can be 5-year-old you.


Walter White – All you need for this one is a boring button-down and your tighty-whities. Pencil on a fake mustache and wear your glasses.


Tom Cruise from Risky Business – A variant of Walter White, just make the button-down white, and wear your Raybans. This one is great for an 80’s themed party.


Be Your Roommate – Steal some of their clothes when they’re not around. Act like a jerk.


And if you’re just a little ambitious and have WiFi and the stuff:


Person With a Hole in Them – If you have access to two iPhones or iPads, strap one to your stomach, one to your back, and cut holes in an old shirt so you can see the screens of both. Make sure the cameras aren’t blocked, and set up a FaceTime session between the devices. People will be able to “see” through you.


If you need more ideas, or want to share yours, contact us. Happy Hallowe’en!

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