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Personality Types to Avoid When Looking for a Roommate at Brock University

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For many Brock University students, living away from home for the first time can be an exciting experience. Whether you are heading off to university for the first time or you have been a student for several years, picking the right roommates is one of the keys to a successful university experience. Here are three types of people you likely will not want as a roommate.

The Party Animal

While you do want to have fun while going to university, you also need to take your education seriously. If you have a roommate who is always partying, especially one who is always inviting other people over to party, you will not get much studying done in your apartment. Even sleeping at night can be a struggle if your roommate is being loud while you are trying to sleep.  

The Slob

Many university students are a bit lax when it comes to things like keeping their apartment clean. While your apartment may not be as clean as your mother would like, you do not want a roommate who will not pull their own weight when it comes to cleaning. You should not have to clean-up your roommate’s dirty dishes or shove their dirty clothes out of the way just to get through the front door.

The Close Friend

While there are exceptions the rule, it is often not a good idea to room with a close friend. Lack of respect for your personal space and property can be an issue. Your friend may also assume you won’t get annoyed if they leave the kitchen, living room, bathroom, or other shared parts of the apartment a mess.

Rooming with a close friend also sometimes puts you in an awkward situation. Do you make a big deal about something your roommate said or did or just let it go in favor of not hurting your friendship? When disagreements arise between your friend and another roommate, you may be put in the middle where you have to either take your friend’s side or risk causing problems in your friendship.  

If you do decide to room with a close friend, make sure you have established expectations and boundaries. This may include deciding whether you will share food as well as rules about asking before you borrow anything that belongs to the other person.

Finding great roommates is just part of the housing process. If you are looking for a great place to live near Brock University, contact us.

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