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Managing Homesickness at Brock University

Managing Homesickness at Brock University

Homesickness is a common problem for those who go away to university for the first time. How can you deal with this difficult emotional situation? By addressing it head on and embracing your new life at Brock University.

Homesickness Is Normal

If you are feeling homesick at Brock University, you need to understand that you are not alone. A lot of your fellow students are likely feeling the same way. Being away from home the first time is a life-altering experience. Dealing with homesickness requires understanding the causes and implementing some simple solutions.

Why are you homesick?

Why do Brock University students (or anyone) get homesick?

Homesickness in its most basic form is thoughts and feeling about home, but it exists on a continuum—it isn’t a matter of being of homesick or not; it’s matter of degree. This means that however mild or infrequent your thoughts about home are, you can still be considered homesick.” – Dr. Josh Klapow, clinical psychologist1

People who are homesick feel uncomfortable in their new environment. This area doesn’t yet feel like “home” and they are worried about not fitting in. Most people will miss their family and their friends. They no longer have a routine they can count on and they may feel they no longer have a stable anchor.

How can you feel better?

Explore your surroundings. You will never get over your homesickness if you stay cooped up. Brock University and the local area has a lot to offer!
Try to meet new people. You have your friends back home and that may seem like enough for you now. But meeting new people will go a long way to making life feel fresh and exciting.
Develop a routine. A lot of unease can be a result of the unknown. Having an established routine will make you feel like you have more control over your life and in turn, lessen your longing for a time when you knew exactly what was going to happen, day to day.
Stay connected with what you left behind. Keep in touch, so you aren’t totally torn adrift. But make sure that you don’t use your old life as a crutch. Reaching out a few times a week is good, but constant texting with old friends and family could hinder your new reality.
Reach out if you need help. Most homesickness will subside after a few weeks as you adjust to your new life. But if it doesn’t make sure to reach out to someone (friends or professionals) who can help. You won’t be the first person to need some assistance in this area, and you won’t be the last!

One way to address some of these issues lies in your living situation. At, the premier off-campus living experience for students at Brock, not only has great living space for its residents, it has loads of opportunities to connect with new people and experience new, fun activities all within steps of your campus.

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