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If You’ve Got A Night Off at Brock University, Why Not Try an Escape Room?

If You've Got A Night Off at Brock University, Why Not Try an Escape Room?

Are you the kind of Brock University student who sets a timer when they sit down to play an adventure game that’s rife with puzzles? Do you have the kind of mind that looks at a problem, analyzes every possible solution, and then finds the one that works before most people have even started fiddling with it? Do you fill out your crossword puzzles in pen?

If so, then you are the sort of person who needs to really test your gray matter. And the best possible test is to see if you can get out of an escape room in the allotted time.

Can you escape in time?

Imported from Asia, this gaming trend imprison participants in a room and then force them to hunt for clues around the game environment, using logic and teamwork to free themselves in a race against the clock.

These rooms are set up with various themed escape scenarios where you and a group of friends (your entourage, since it’s your brains they’re depending on to help them escape) are locked inside, and have to figure out how to escape. Of course, if you don’t find the solution within a certain time period, then you get let out, and the room is reset so other people can come in and give it a try.

The appeal of an escape room, over a video game or a text-based adventure, is that you get the escapism of full immersion. You’re not sitting in a chair with a set of headphones on, tapping keys and moving your mouse. You’re in the dusty air of an ancient Egyptian tomb, or in a bank vault with the cops on their way. It’s the next best thing to Star Trek’s holodeck, and it’s an experience unlike anything else. Especially if you’re the sort of person who wants to prove they were smart enough to really get out of the locked room.

If you’d like to try an escape room for yourself, you can find a handy list of them here on Yelp. For more tips on things you should try while you’re at Brock University, simply contact us today!


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