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How to Be the Best Roommate at Brock University

Roomates At Brock University 

Spending your next year at Brock University with someone you never met before? Make life easier for everybody by following these tips.

Be the one to break the ice

Even if it is as simple as “hello, my name is ____,” introducing yourself first is a great way to ease the awkwardness of meeting someone new. In today’s day and age an introductory email is a great way to go. You can even ask them if they have ideas for the “look” of your new place and if there is something you can bring. Other ice breakers include asking their favorite type of music and their favorite movie.

Have “the talk” early on

Whether it’s when significant others can sleep over or who is going to take out the trash, getting those uncomfortable conversations about pet peeves out of the way sooner rather than later will save you from cringe-worthy moments.

Clean up after yourself

Whether it’s putting your dirty socks in your hamper, cleaning and putting away your dishes right away, or waiting until your roommate is gone to clip your toenails, being a clean roommate is being a courteous roommate –after all, you might want company over. And for Pete’s sake, don’t forget to change the toilet roll!

Be aware of the other roommate’s sleep schedule

Your roommate needs to sleep too. Don’t be that person that loudly enters the room at 2 am bumping into things. Trust me, your roommate will not be pleased. Instead of leaving your light on all night when you are out, consider getting a night light so you can still see when you get back.

By following these tips you surely will have a smooth and successful year.

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