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How Students Can Save Money on Textbooks at Brock University

How to Save Money on Textbooks at Brock University

Students know every semester brings a fresh round of expensive books. Here are some options to save money on textbooks at Brock University.

Navigating university can be financially challenging enough without the worry of how you can afford your text round of textbooks. Brock University students know each semester can bring a round of expensive textbooks required for each class. Here are some alternative options to save your bank account next semester.

Always Buy Used

Never buy a new book. Unless it’s required by the course. Or you have some preoccupation with only owning brand new textbooks. Otherwise, find the used version. The new version may have cleaner pages and a stronger binding, but the content will be the same and you’re going to pay big bucks for it. Most used versions of books can be found at half the price of the new  version. Campuses usually have independent run bookstores that sell used books. There are also online sites that specialize in used textbooks such as Amazon or Chegg. It’s important to note if you go used, be sure the edition is the correct edition required by the course. 

Rent If Possible 

Most university bookstores offer a rent option for a significant discount. This discount varies depending on how much it would be to rent for a semester versus buying it and simply selling it back at the end of the course. Keep in mind if you choose to rent you probably shouldn’t be highlighting or underlining or folding pages. If you study more effectively by marking up your book, then buying will be your best option. Most places will still buy back books with markups as long as they are readable. 

Borrow From A Friend

There is a good chance that several of the friends you’ll make at Brock University will include people studying the same subject as you. In this case, there may be someone who is even taking the same class as you or who had the same class a previous semester. So ask them to borrow their book! This option is totally free, except for the feeling of owing your friend or acquaintance something for letting you borrow their book. But unless you make it up to them by taking them out for an expensive lunch then you’ll be saving some major cash.

Required VS Optional

A lot of professors will list tons of books on their syllabus only to let you know halfway through the course that some were actually optional. This isn’t meant to tell you to not buy any of the books listed on the syllabus, since most of them  be required reading. It would benefit you greatly to double-check that all the texts are indeed required. Most of the time your professors will indicate which books are necessary and which are not. In this instance make sure you are reading your textbook list carefully. Unless you are super interested in your particular subject, avoid the optional books. Chances are they are only for a general education requirement that you were forced to take to satisfy a degree requirement, so just skip it. 

Search For Electronic Versions

With all the versions of electronic readers available, from Nooks to Kindles to apps on your phone, you have a new way to save money on books. See if there’s an electronic version. Some textbooks are indeed sold as e-books and these are sold at significant discounts, sometimes even costing less than the used version. As noted above, if you study best by marking up pages, this may not be your best option. 

If you put in a little extra effort and research, buying textbooks doesn’t have to mean the end of your cash. There are so many options to avoid climbing textbook prices, you just have to know where to look. 

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