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How Not To Be a Third Wheel at Brock University

How Not To Be a Third Wheel at Brock University

Does it feel like the whole world is paired up but you’re still single? It’s an awkward situation many Brock University students face. Here are some suggestions for what to do when your friends are in a relationship and you’re not.

Speak up

Maybe you feel like the rest of the world paired off and left you behind because your friend found a new love and you’re still single. Before resentments and frustrations build up, let your friend know what you can deal with, and what makes you uncomfortable. How much PDA can you stand? What boundaries do you need to feel at home if the three of you are sharing the same living space?

Try new things

New relationships usually have a honeymoon phase when you might want to take a break instead of tagging along. Go out and make more friends. Take a chance on those activities you always wanted to try.

Hang out

When your friend and their significant other are ready for company, you might want to pick neutral spots for getting together. Watching an action movie will feel more comfortable than sitting together at a romantic restaurant. Don’t overlook the potential advantages either. The happy couple might know someone interesting you could meet, and just interacting with them can make you look more approachable.

Bring a friend 

Three people may be a crowd but it’s not really big enough to get lost in. If you invite others along, you’ll probably have more fun and feel less conspicuous.

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