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How Brock University Students can Make Cleaning a Habit

How Brock University Students can Make Cleaning a Habit

Has your room ever been too dirty to clean? It’s not hard to pick up one dirty sock, but when the floor is covered with dirty clothes, the mozzarella in your fridge could be mistaken for blue cheese, and there’s so much hair in the bathroom that it looks like a bath mat, cleaning sounds terrifying. 

Brock University Students are too busy for an hours-long cleaning session. Forming daily cleaning habits will ensure that you never have to. 

Step 1: Set your goals

Sit down with your roommates. Decide how clean you want to keep the apartment. Are you okay with clutter so long as it’s clean? How many dirty dishes in the sink are too many – one or ten? 

Step 2: Make a Plan

Planning to spend an hour cleaning every week is a terrible idea. You can tell your parents we said so. An hour is an intimidating stretch of time.

Make major changes by forming small habits. Link those habits to things you already do. You eat every day, so plan to wash your dishes every time you finish eating. You’ll avoid ever having to wash a sink full of them. 

While you’re brewing your coffee, wipe down the counters. It’ll take a few seconds, and you’ll never have a biohazardous kitchen. Since you’re already at it, go ahead and dust off another surface.

If you spray your shower with cleaner every time you’re finished showering, you’ll never have soap scum buildup.

Buy one of the toilet bowl cleaners you stick on the inside of the toilet. You’ll be cleaning it every time you flush, no effort required.

Step 3: Start building your habits

Spend a couple weeks trying to build those new cleaning habits. It won’t happen overnight, so don’t beat yourself up if you forget. Do give yourself a pat on the back when you remember. We people respond better to positive reinforcement even if it’s coming from ourselves. 

Brushing your teeth isn’t fun. It’s also something we do every day without thinking about it. Keeping your loft clean is just as easy if you form small, daily habits. 

Contact us today to see one of our lofts. You’ll see that they’re worth keeping clean.

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