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How Brock University Students Can Live on a Budget

Brock University students can live on a budget.

Attending university costs money. If you’re on a budget, you might be wondering the best way to stay on it. After all, a new term comes with many opportunities to spend a lot, on everything from books, clothes and entertainment. Here are 3 ways that Brock University students can live on a budget.

1. Plan realistically.

No spending plan can last if it’s not realistic. If you plan never to buy new music, but then Beyonce drops some new tunes…the moment will come when you can’t stand it anymore. You’ll drop some money you didn’t plan for.

The best plans start with data, just like experiments. Monitor your spending, first to get an idea of how much stuff is costing you. You need a sense of how much you are spending. Software like Mint makes this very easy, and can be connected with your bank account. If you spend $50 on clothes per month every month, it’s unlikely you can cut it to zero. Make a plan that includes what you realistically need.

2. Think communally.

Stuff is cheaper if you split the costs at Brock University. Law of life. Everything from rent to food costs less if you share it. (It can also be more fun.) So if you want to get a Netflix or Hulu account, or Friday night pizza, ask if your roommates want to split the costs. Same with saving up for ski lodges or vacations.

3. Live inexpensively.

There are usually cheaper ways to get everything. If you’re a clothes buff, can you shop in thrift stores? You may be able to sell your older clothes on line and reinvest your profits. Same with books, music, and DVDs. is the largest and leading provider of off campus student housing in St Catharines. With over 20 years of experience in providing quality student housing we know how to make your university home life comfortable. Contact us for more information.

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