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How Brock University Students Can Learn to Relax Through Meditation

How Brock University Students Can Learn to Relax Through Meditation

Going to class every day can be exhausting, especially if you have a really intense schedule. Sadly there aren’t many classes that help us reflect and relax in ways that will help you in the long term. It is very easy to end up relaxing in the wrong ways due to peer pressure or convenience, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t convenient ways to relax that fit well into your Brock University lifestyle. Here are some nice easy to implement tips for relaxing in your free time between classes.


A powerful word that can be misconstrued in many different ways because everyone has an idea about what meditation means and how to do it “properly”. For the purposes of a busy Brock University student with a lot on the go, meditation is an exercise that quiets the mind and relaxes the body in order to feel renewed, refreshed and more focused. There are many different ways to achieve this, but following is a simple method that may help you reduce your stress.

1. Find a location

Firstly, find the perfect spot. It might be hard to find a quiet space around campus, but traditionally people believe you need quiet in order to meditate. Whether this space is perfectly silent or merely peaceful and free from distraction – that’s up to you. Meditation is as much about breathing as it is about silence. For instance, at we have several amenities that might help, including the QZone (a quiet study zone).

2. Follow these steps

This sequence can be done at any time and may release your mind and body from all the stress and tension that typically comes with being a student.

  • Breathe in through your nose for four seconds
  • Hold that breath for seven seconds
  • Then breath out through your mouth for eight seconds
  • Repeat as necessary

You may think I don’t have enough breath to do that for eight seconds, but as you practice your body will eventually figure it out. Doing this just a few times will help your body equalize and stress will melt away. This is great for test taking, panic attacks or any chaotic moment in your life.

3. Find your own groove

If you are trying to take it a step further and have a bit of time on your hands to really do some powerful inner work, grab your phone and some headphones and take it to the next level. All you need to do is search for meditation in your app store – there are tons of free guided meditations available for download. Find one that speaks to you and carve out a regular time in your day to put it into practice. 

It may sound strange at first, but integrating just ten minutes of meditation a day into your life can have a profound impact on your overall clarity and sense of well being. Like playing basketball or piano meditation is a skill that you build over time with practice. Brock University life can be tough and it’s about preparing yourself for the rest of your life so now is the perfect time to pick up meditation and start building your secret weapon to help you excel.

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