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How to Get Roommate-Ready for Fall Term at Brock University

getting to know your Brock University roommate

Fall term is coming! If you know your roommates at Brock University, great! But what if you don’t know them all, or are rooming with a friend of a friend who you’ve never met? While it’s okay to wait until the first days of fall term, it’s also a good idea to reach out a bit before that. Suggest some get-together activities that will break the ice.

1. Do you like the same activities? From manga to hockey, roommate relationships can really take off if you like to do the same kind of thing. How about suggesting that you join the same club once on campus? That way, you’ll have a natural way to bond.

2. Do you have duplicate furniture? Even spacious living spaces can fill up fast if you both have sofas. Most places only need one. It’s a good idea to touch base now, so that you’re not duplicating stuff that you don’t need. Do you have two televisions? Do you want and have space for both? If so, okay. But better know now rather than have your parents lug one home.

3. How about getting together to chat? This depends on how close you and your roommate live, but if you’re within an hour of each other, it’s a good idea to have lunch or dinner. You can discuss life in general, the campus, and how each of you thinks about the year.

4. Go for an introductory hike around campus. If you can’t get together before fall term, make plans to get together when it begins. An introductory hike around the lake should be both scenic and informative.

If you’re still looking for a roommate at, we have a forum you can use to find one, as well as a private Facebook group.

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