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Get Involved with Academic Clubs at Brock University

joining academic clubs at Brock University

Joining an academic club or organization may not be high on your long list of things to do just as summer starts, but the benefits of doing so will make you want to think again. The networking, leadership, resume-building, and friendship value of participating in a student-run club at Brock University is incomparable to most any other activity on campus.

For starters, the networking opportunities are endless, regarding everything from learning about internships, events, jobs or work-study, classes, professors, study sessions, and study abroad trips. Even for non-academic activities like intramural sports teams, becoming part of say, the Geology Club, can reap huge rewards. Soon you’ll be an expert in all the goings-on of campus!

Of course, the more time and effort you put into your academic club endeavors, the more you’ll get out of them. Perhaps after some time you’ll be able to snag yourself a coveted leadership position to practice your managerial skills with and to gain priceless experience for the future. Speaking of which, your resume will also thank you for earning such prestigious positions, and making it shine that much more!

Last but certainly not least, the friendships you’ll make in these student organizations will be extra special, because other members will have similar interests and be on the same path academically. The Pre-Med Society, for example, will expose you to so much more than what it seems, and the people you meet there could very well still be close to you long after graduation, and far into your own medical pursuits.

So, what are you waiting for, Brock University students? Get out there and start looking for the perfect club for you – and you don’t have to pick just one! Begin here.

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