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Decorating Your Living Space When You’ve Got a Picky Roommate

Decorating Your Living Space When You’ve Got a Picky Roommate

Are you a student at Brock University who ended up with a roommate who is rather picky about the decor? This situation can be frustrating because it often makes you feel like you have no control over decorating your living space. Thankfully, there are ways that you can get around this potentially tricky problem.

Talk About Limitations
Brock University students are typically intelligent and thoughtful people. Sit down with your roommate and talk about why they are so picky. Is it because of serious political or religious beliefs? Then it’s best not to infringe on them. However, don’t let their decorations infringe on your beliefs, either. It’s only fair.

Discuss Compromises
Perhaps your roommate is simply being possessive of the living space that they were staying in before you showed up. Break this possessiveness by talking about compromises to this situation. For example, maybe they have to take down some posters so you can put up ones that you mutually approve.

Try using a veto system. Each of you can bring 5 items to the negotiating table – and you each get 3 vetoes. That way you both get 2 décor items you really want, but don’t have to live with the “worst” of the other’s choices.

When They Won’t Budge
If your roommate is refusing to budge on decorating your room, try asking a neutral third party to help you negotiate (hint: not your best friend). They may be able to step in and find a compromise that works for both of you.

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