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Dealing with Family Squabbles When Brock University Students Return Home for the Summer

Dealing with Family Squabbles When Brock University Students Return Home for Summer

For most students, the end of the semester means returning home for the summer. Many students can’t wait to get home, but once they are there, they can’t remember why they were so anxious. When returning home, relationships with family members often pick up right where they left off, and in many cases, that means tension. Despite living away from home for 9 months and feeling like an adult, Brock University students can feel themselves morphing right back into a kid and getting into the same old arguments with parents, brothers or sisters, or even extended family. Before you hear yourself running to tattle, use these tips to take control of the situation so you can have a peaceful summer at home.

The solution starts with communication, so sit down and have a talk with family members and set some boundaries to create some peace. Once that is done, you might find yourself actually enjoying your time together.

  1. Create a schedule for areas of the home that create conflict. Shared bathrooms are a big source of tension. So are video game systems. Whatever is causing tension, agree on a schedule of who uses it and at what times. When you work out something that works for both of you, post the schedule and agree that there will be no more arguing about it.
  2. Agree on privacy. There are some things that belong to you, and you don’t want to share. If you don’t want a sibling in your room, make that clear. If you share a room, declare certain areas off-limits, such as your closet, or your dresser. Make your expectations clear, and let your brother or sister declare their own private space.
  3. Do something fun together once a week. Sometimes families have to make an effort to develop an adult relationship with each other. This is perfectly normal. Go play mini-golf or go out for ice cream together. See a movie or go for a bike ride. Spend some time doing something fun and invest in a positive relationship.

Moving back home isn’t always easy. But try to be the mature one and get along while you’re there. These tips can make things less stressful, and if there is still tension, remember it is only for a short time. In just a few months you will be returning to Brock and will be back on your own again. If you’re looking for a great place to live (and your own bedroom), contact us.

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