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5 Dos and Don’ts of Making a Living As An Artist That Brock University Students Should Know

Here are some dos and don’ts for becoming a professional artist, both while you’re a Brock University student and beyond. Being an artist isn’t easy. On the one hand, you have a genuine craft that people need. All someone has to do is look around their daily life to see art. From logos and mascots, […]

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Budgeting for Brock University Students: Necessities, Comforts and Luxuries

Effective budgeting means identifying necessities, comforts and luxuries. Here’s how Brock University students can tell the difference. Being a Brock University student (or any university student), you may have to get used to living on a tight budget. You’re getting an education that can help you to get a job in a field of your […]

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5 Ways to Bond with Your Brock University Roommate

You hear a lot about the challenges of having roommates, but there are also plenty of advantages that go far beyond splitting the rent. For Brock University students living at, your roommates may wind up becoming close friends. At the very least, you can have someone to greet you when you come in the […]

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Brock University Students: Understanding Text Neck

Is your cell phone giving you a literal pain in the neck? Here’s how Brock University students can avoid the dreaded ‘text neck’. Most Brock University students will spend a large portion of their day looking at their cell phones or at their computer screens. What they don’t realize is the toll it takes on their bodies. Leaning over the phone or […]

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7 Life Hacks For Brock University Students Travelling Abroad

Part of your time at university is seeing the world, and experiencing everything there is out there. For Brock University students who planning on traveling abroad, there are a couple of life hacks you should take with you. Especially if you want to minimize the stress you’re carting around, so you can focus on the […]

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4 Life Hacks For Storing Clothes At Brock University Once The Term is Over

When winter finally begins to ease up at Brock University, it’s easy to caught up in enjoying the warmer weather. While it’s great to get out of the house into the warming weather, though, it’s important to remember that winter will be back again. That’s why you need to make sure you pack your winter […]

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5 Tips to Help Brock University Students Save Money on Their Weekly Food Bill

Every day, or few days, Brock University Students head to the grocery store to buy groceries. Keeping your food costs down is a challenge especially with unpredictable schedules. Here are some tips for saving money at the grocery store.  Prepare a weekly menu. Deciding what you will purchase before you walk into the store, allows […]

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3 Tips for Brock University Students Planning Spring Break Travel

So, you’re a Brock University student travelling during spring break. It sounds like a great adventure, but like any adventure things can quickly go awry if you don’t plan ahead. Which is why if you’re going to be spending any time behind the wheel during your break, especially if you’re visiting a major city in […]

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How Brock University Students can Make Cleaning a Habit

Has your room ever been too dirty to clean? It’s not hard to pick up one dirty sock, but when the floor is covered with dirty clothes, the mozzarella in your fridge could be mistaken for blue cheese, and there’s so much hair in the bathroom that it looks like a bath mat, cleaning sounds […]

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How Brock University Students Can Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle with Friends

Healthy living is top priority for  Brock University students. Developing and maintaining a positive work, life and school balance is challenging. Living at the Lofts provides Brock University students the opportunity to maintain or create that healthy lifestyle. Here are three ways that you can incorporate healthy habits into your routine. Exercise regularly. The Lofts […]

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