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Brock University Students: 3 Automotive Life Hacks You Should Learn

Driving is one of those things we tend to take for granted, but most of us don’t really know what’s going on in the complex depths of the machines we pilot. If you’re a Brock University student and you own a car, these three life hacks will help you when it’s time to get from […]

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Supporting #MentalWellness at Brock University

The university experience can be a stressful time in a young person’s life. Coping with the stress of your academic career and personal life can leave students struggling with depression. If you are experiencing any problems relating to your mental wellness, it’s important to know you are not alone. There are thousands of students in […]

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What’s For Dinner? Boosting Your Cooking Skills as a Brock University Student

When you’re a Brock University student, the beginning of the year can be all about food freedom. You’re free to make your own meal plan – and at first it’s all pizza and PB & Js. But eventually, you may come to realize that you ought to put a little more thought into your diet. […]

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Tips for Balancing Studies and Fun as a Brock University Student

As a Brock University Student, you may have discovered that while doing well in your classes is important, having fun is also important. Balancing your studies with fun, though, can sometimes be a struggle. Luckily, you can establish this important balance in your life.  Be Willing to Sacrifice There are times that you will need […]

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Where Can You Go for Pizza Near Brock University?

Looking for pizza near Brock University? Some late afternoon, while studying, you may get the urge for pizza. Or, some night, contemplating a beer, you may realize that its ideal complement is a pizza. Or, it’s noon and pizza sound so good as an equation that you start looking for a menu. Pizza is perfect […]

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5 Ways to Decorate on The Cheap For Brock University Students

Your first apartment at Brock University is so full of potential when you move in. It’s a blank canvas you can do anything you want with… if only you had the funds. Of course, if you need to furnish your space comfortably while on the cheap, here are a few suggestions you might find helpful. […]

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How Brock University Students Can Turn Stress into Strength

When you’ve spent a long and exhausting day agonizing about grades at Brock University, it’s pretty tough to maintain an upbeat attitude. We’ve all been there. You just want to quit, but before you make that tearful phone-call to your mom to tell her you’re dropping out, consider these tips as words of advice to […]

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Tips for Brock University Students Who Walk Home After Dark

Brock University students often need to walk home after dark. Whether you have a late class, you have stayed late to study, or for another reason, walking home after dark can be a little scary. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make yourself safer if you have to walk home after dark.

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How Not To Be a Third Wheel at Brock University

Does it feel like the whole world is paired up but you’re still single? It’s an awkward situation many Brock University students face. Here are some suggestions for what to do when your friends are in a relationship and you’re not.

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4 Tips for Brock University Students Who Want to Save Money on Food

If you are like many Brock University students, prior to coming to university, you had little to no experience buying food on your own. Because some students have a limited budget for food, it is important to understand how you can save money on the things you eat. Look for Deals Pay attention to when items […]

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