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Building a successful study group at Brock University – Get in the Z.O.N.E

Most students at Brock University will spend twice as much time studying as they spend in actual classes or lectures. A study group is one way to develop critical thinking skills, and make some new friends in the process. Why not just study alone? Personal study time is a given, no way around it. For the next few years you will devote endless hours burning the midnight oil. However, group study has merit worth considering.


You know you took great notes and paid attention during the lecture, but chances are you missed something; the very something a classmate didn’t miss! Collaborative thinking has great power – so get in the ZONE and build a successful study group.


Z. Zero in on the right player mix. Be selective when choosing members for the group. Pay attention in class and look for those who are asking questions, taking notes, contributing to the discussions – these are the folks who will best serve your needs. Too many participants are counterproductive. Limit the members to a manageable 4 or 5.


O. One place, one day, one time. Choose a specific day date and time for meetings. Coordinating multiple schedules is possible with determination and planning. It is important to the effectiveness of the group to remain vigilant and consistent in this area. Meet often enough to gain the maximum benefit from group interaction. Aim for once a week, at the minimum. Waiting until the day before the exam benefits no one.


N. No exceptions no excuses. This is not a social gathering, nor is it the time or place to start a gripe session. Be prepared to focus on the purpose of the session. Set strict time limits for each group meeting and stick to areas of discussion previously decided upon.


E. Efficient use of time and energy. Make the most of your time and talents.  Start each meeting on time. Assign a group leader to keep everybody on track. Take advantage of each other’s strong points, allowing individuals to teach what they know best. Take turns quizzing each other, or develop practice tests.


Participating in a group study session encourages divergent thinking and enhances comprehension. Contact us for more ways to make the most of your time at Brock University.

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