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Brock University Students Benefit as Volunteers in Their Community

Brock University Students Benefit as Volunteers in Their Community

As an undergraduate at Brock University, you want to do your best. You want to learn what your professors expect and follow that guideline. There’s a need to organize and learn the best way to take notes. Study groups help prepare for exams. Then you have your friends and fun times. Add to that exercising, eating, and calling home.  You have no problem keeping busy at Brock University. But never be too busy to volunteer – a day, a week, a month or longer – you have many options. And the community needs you. 

Why should I volunteer?

There are many reasons for Brock students to volunteer in their community. The intangible benefits of being a volunteer will show in your personality.  As a volunteer, you not only transform your life, you also transform the lives of others. You might read a book to someone, or hand runners in the town race bottles of water. Whatever volunteer job suits you, it’s important to know Brock University’s community is your community, too. 

Aside from the intangible benefits of volunteering, Brock students can take a claim to tangible benefits. Your resume is your calling card. To show volunteering on your resume enhances your calling card. Consider volunteer work as credible as paid work. It shows you as doing good which gives you an invaluable personality trait.  

When you join the two – going to school and volunteering – it can seem too much. But then you consider the benefits when helping others helps you. A community has many opportunities to volunteer and some that may surprise you – a never-thought-of-before career opportunity. You could be part of a network group that opens more possibilities about different career choices. That’s why a volunteer job is invaluable while a student at Brock University and afterward.

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