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Are You a Good Roommate? 5 Questions Brock University Students Should Ask Themselves

Most people think of themselves as a good roommate. However, judging by the number of roommate horror stories you’re likely to hear, many people are not quite the perfect roommate they’d like to believe. 

Bad roommates can cause stress, and even lower grades. Here are 5 questions Brock University students can ask themselves to find out if their behavior makes them a good or a bad roommate.

  1. Do you clean up after yourself? Cleaning is one of the biggest issues between roommates. A recent study from Kansas State University showed that it can be hard for neat freaks and slobs to live together. If you’re messier than your roommates, be considerate by making an effort to keep communal areas clean. Keep your mess confined to your bedroom–and the door closed.
  2. Do you use your roommates’ stuff without asking? Most people are uncomfortable sharing their things when their roommate doesn’t ask first. Personal items, such as makeup, hair brushes, toothbrushes, and intimate clothing should never be shared. If you want to borrow something from one of your roommates, just ask. Simple courtesy can help to strengthen your relationship.
  3. Have you made an effort to get to know your roommates? Research has shown that conflicts with roommates are among the top 5 reasons university students drop out of school. Knowing your roommates personally can make it easier to communicate when problems arise. Also, you’ll be aware of where your roommates are coming from and respect their points of view.
  4. Are you too loud? Volume–and timing–are one of the biggest complaints roommates have against each other. One of the best ways to avoid noise problems is to set a “quiet time” schedule with your roommates. This should include adequate time for sleep and studying.
  5. Do you have a bad attitude? A negative outlook on life can affect the people around you. For every unhappy friend or roommate someone has, they have a 7 percent less chance of happiness for themselves. Don’t bring people down with a bad attitude. Try to look on the bright side whenever possible.

Brock University students know living with other people can be difficult. A little consideration and tolerance for your roommates can go a long way. And who knows–maybe someone you annoy now can become a lifelong friend.
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