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A Simple Routine to Help Brock University Students Beat the 2PM Caffeine Crash

A Simple Routine to Help Brock University Students Beat the 2PM Caffeine Crash

Early afternoon is a popular time for Brock University students to schedule classes. It’s those 8 a.m. lectures that have you snoozing in your seat, and so when you schedule an early afternoon class, you don’t expect to get there and suddenly feel like you need a shot of espresso now. 

Picture it: even if you don’t drink coffee, you’re on your lunch break between classes when suddenly, you’re dying for a nap. Your eyes are hardly staying open and that comfy love seat at home sounds so much more appealing than scrawling notes for another hour. Whatever the reason for the afternoon sluggishness, this five-minute routine should do the trick to perk you up without caffeine.

Move Your Body

No, you don’t have to run three miles every morning for more energy. If you’re feeling sluggish, five minutes of stretching will do. The key is to move slowly and take deep breaths.

Next time you start napping during your lunch hour, try this instead.

  • Stand up straight with your shoulders held back.
  • Start with shoulder rolls: rotate them to the back five times slowly and then to the front five times slowly.
  • Meanwhile, take deep breaths into your gut.
  • Then, interlace your fingers behind your back, press your shoulder blades together, and breathe deeply into your chest.
  • Do a few neck rolls here, slowly.
  • Next, press your palms into the small of your back, with your fingertips facing upwards– you want to feel a stretch in the front of your wrists.
  • Once you’ve taken a few deep breaths here, slide your hands all the way down your legs, as far as you can go, for a stretch in your hamstrings.
  • Let your head hang for a few moments while you stretch.
  • Finally, slowly roll back up to standing, taking your time so you don’t get dizzy.

After completing this routine, you should feel the fresh blood rushing to your brain. Do this as many times as you need to power yourself back up, at any time of day. Now, get back to that power study session!

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