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A Quick Guide to Surviving Being a Student-Athlete at Brock University

A Quick Guide to Surviving Being a Student-Athlete at Brock UniversityAre you a student-athlete at Brock University? Are you finding it difficult to keep a balance between school, sports, social life, and health? Being a student-athlete comes with many unique challenges, but, thankfully for you, here is a quick guide to surviving the student-athlete life.

Get to know your neighbors

Take the time to find other Brock University students who live around you and connect with them. This will give you an outlet of friends to vent to when you don’t want to spend time with your teammates after a tough loss, and will create more fans for your games, which means more people to celebrate with when you win!

Use your kitchen

Just like you challenge yourself on the field and in the classroom, challenge yourself in the kitchen! Planning regular and nutritious meals is important for you to keep up both athletically and academically. Since each unit at The Student Lofts has a fully equipped kitchen, you are well prepared to nourish your body for optimal performance.

Create a designated space for homework and studying

It is too easy to come home after a long day of classes and practice and tell yourself you’ll be okay trying to do your homework on the comfy couch. Think about having a designated study area as training for your brain. If you consistently only study at a certain space, your brain will eventually recognize that it is time to study whenever you sit at that spot. This is why studying on your couch or bed is generally less productive, since those are places you are trying to tell your body to relax and sleep.

For more information on living in a community that will enable you for success in your student-athlete career, contact us.

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