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5 Ways to Decorate on The Cheap For Brock University Students

5 Ways to Decorate on The Cheap For Brock University Students

Your first apartment at Brock University is so full of potential when you move in. It’s a blank canvas you can do anything you want with… if only you had the funds.

Of course, if you need to furnish your space comfortably while on the cheap, here are a few suggestions you might find helpful.

1. Get A Plant

Plants are one of the most inexpensive decorations you can have in your space, and they pay off in spades. They add a splash of color, provide fresh air, and they can even suck out funk. Get a window box, or a hanging pot, and let your decoration grow.

2. Find Art At Auction

Art is expensive, but you don’t want to leave your walls bare. So go to auction websites like Ebay, and take a look around. You can find posters, paintings, prints, and other pieces of art for pennies on the dollar, and a lot of the time you can get free shipping, too.

3. Thrift Store Finds

While it might seem cliche, thrift stores are ubiquitous for a reason. So whether you are looking for sheets, a bedspread, or a new nightstand, pop your head into the local re-sale shop to see if they have something that works for you.

4. Get Crafty

Sometimes you just need to build your own solutions. If you can find some spare lumber and a few cinder blocks, you can build inexpensive shelves. Don’t be afraid to hit the local hardware store to see what you can throw together.

5. Check Out Freecycle

Freecycle is a place where people who have stuff they don’t want go to find people who need it. Whether it’s furniture, bedding, clothes, or other necessities, check it out to see if there’s someone giving away dorm room decorations.

These are just a few, simple things you can do to really make your space your own. For more tips and tricks for staying on top of college life, simply contact us today!

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