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5 Hacks To Help Brock University Students Stay Organized

5 Hacks To Help Brock University Students Stay Organized

Organization is key when it comes to success as a Brock University student. Not just when it comes to your studies, either. If there never seem to be enough hours in the day, though, you might find some of these life hacks are just what you’ve been looking for.

Hack #1: Do A Little Pre-Gaming in The Kitchen (And Laundry Room)

How many times have you tried to do a load of laundry, or dishes, and you can never find what you need? Probably more often than you’re comfortable with. If you get small containers, or single-use tabs, you can set them out in advance so that when it’s time to clean you know right where the material you need is. It’s quick, fast, and shaves quite a few minutes off your cleaning routine.

Hack #2: Use A Hand Vacuum on Crumbs

Most of the time we think of hand vacuums as accessories for cleaning cars or playrooms, but they’re amazingly useful in all parts of your living space. If you have a dry mess from food prep, or if you need to get the crumb tray in the bottom of your toaster, a hand vacuum is a lifesaver. Just vacuum, toss, and the job is done with minimal time and sweat.

Hack #3: Bag Storage

We all have a junk drawer with plastic shopping bags in it. Rather than leaving them loose, taking up space and making it hard to separate just one, store them in an old Pringles chip can. The can will fit neatly in a drawer, or on a tabletop, and you can easily keep your bags accessible, rather than trying to dig through your junk drawer to find them.

Hack #4: Keep Your Backpack (or Bag) Stocked

Who needs to pack and re-pack your bag every single day? Keeping it stocked with everything you might need (pens, water bottle, extra phone charger, etc.) saves not only time, but lessens the chance you’ll forget something at home. Think of it like having a mini ‘go-bag’ prepped at all times. This works with your gym bag too.

Hack #5: Labels

Nothing saves you time and energy like labels. If you have a tool box, label the drawers. If you have herb jars, label them so you know which is which at a glance. If you have a multi-tier recycling bin, label which materials go in which bin. It saves all kinds of effort, and helps you organize quickly, and efficiently.

These are just a few life hacks that will make your time at Brock University more efficient. If you’re looking for an off-campus living experience for your next semester, contact us today!


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