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4 Tips for Brock University Students Who Want to Save Money on Food

4 Tips for Brock University Students Who Want to Save Money on Food

If you are like many Brock University students, prior to coming to university, you had little to no experience buying food on your own. Because some students have a limited budget for food, it is important to understand how you can save money on the things you eat.

Look for Deals

Pay attention to when items you buy regularly go on sale. This is a good time to stock up on them. That way, you may not need to buy them again until the price has gone down again. When possible, avoid buying food items unless they are on sale, especially if it is an item that regularly goes on sale at the store or stores where you shop most. 

Comparison Shop

Of course, it is important to realize that sale prices are not always the best prices. Sometimes, one store’s regular price is better than another store’s sale price. Comparison shop. Know what stores carry your desired items at the best prices. Know what brands are the best deals. By knowing this, you can often save significant money on groceries.

Buy in Bulk 

Some items are easy – and cheaper – to buy in larger quantities. Rice, beans and other staples can be much less expensive if you buy a lot. Buying meat in a ‘club pack’ and then portioning it into smaller, freezer-safe bags can help reduce costs (and portion control!). Spices can also be purchased at a bulk food store. 

Buy Some Items with a Roommate

While you may not want to buy all your food together, you can often save money on food, particularly perishable food that will go bad before you can eat it all, by splitting the cost with a roommate. You may even want to cook and eat meals together sometimes.


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