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3 Ways to Stay Safe at the Brock University Homecoming


Current students and alumni alike look forward to the Brock University Homecoming weekend. This event, from September 15 to 17 of this year, is only a few weeks away. As you plan to cheer on the Badgers or party with your friends, take a few safety precautions so you can enjoy your weekend even more.

1. Plan Ahead

Big events such as the Steel Blade Classic hockey game attract big crowds, so plan for that. Cell phones are handy for meeting people but what if your phone breaks or dies? Decide where your group can meet if you can’t communicate by phone. Review the Brock University Health, Safety and Wellness page, which provides detailed information on what to do in case of emergencies such as injury, fire or weather events. Brock has a lost and found at the Kenmore Centre in case your car keys or sunglasses disappears.

2. Drink Responsibly

If you plan to drink alcohol, especially on Pub Night, bring at least one friend with you so you are not out alone, especially at night. Ask a member of the group to stay sober in case anyone needs help getting home. Before you leave for the night, let your roommates know your plans so they can take action if you don’t come back in a reasonable amount of time.

3. Observe your surroundings

Brock University is generally a safe place, but increased crowds bring their own problems. Observe of the people around you to discourage pickpockets or other crime. When you enter a venue, notice where the emergency exits, staff or security guards are located in case of a problem. There are campus emergency phones for your use in case something happens to your phone.

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