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3 Tips for Writing Papers for Brock University Students

3 Tips for Writing Papers for Brock University Students

For a Brock University students, it’s important for to do well academically. Not only do you want to have a good GPA but you also want to start writing papers and theses which are ready for publication.

You can get quite anxious about whether your paper is up to the mark. Did you read enough secondary sources? Have you done a deep reading of your primary source? Have you written the paper in a professional way? Would it get published if you send it to a journal? Here are a few tips to make sure that you’ve written a good paper:

1. Primary Sources 

Most likely, your paper is about one primary source. For example, maybe you’re writing about Plato’s Republic. Well, have you read the Republic? And have you reread it a few times to make sure you actually understood it? As a university student, you need to be extremely familiar with your primary source before you sit down to formulate an argument about it.

2. Secondary Sources 

There are several different views about how you should use secondary sources in your writing. Some people love quoting other authors and using their views to strengthen their own. Others believe that you should formulate your own argument first and then read secondary sources so that you have your own viewpoint, which is different from theirs. Either way, it’s a good idea to make sure that your secondary sources don’t become your crutch. If you find yourself using secondary sources to bolster each and every thing you have to say, it’s not a good sign.

3. Writing Style  

The writing style which you adopt is dependent on the discipline which you are studying. For example, in Philosophy, the writing style tends to be more simple and direct, which is good for presenting complex arguments. However, if you’re studying English Literature, it helps to write your paper in a more elegant style. So take a look at how people generally write in your field and tailor your paper accordingly. But remember not to lose your own writing voice.

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