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3 Tips for Working as a Brock University Student

3 Tips for Working as a Brock University Student

Whether to gain work experience or earn extra money, many college students opt to hold part-time jobs while attending school. According to the Labour Force Survey, employment of full-time postsecondary students has risen from 25% of the enrolled population in 1976 to 50% in 2010.

If you’ve made the decision to work for pay as a Brock University student, here are some tips to ensure that your job does not interfere with academics.

 1. Find the right job.

As a full-time student at Brock University, you’ll want a job that fits in a volatile college life. Rigid hours, long shifts and late nights are not conducive to academic success. When searching for a job, consider first on-campus student employment. On-campus staff understands your circumstance as a full-time student and can organize a work schedule that accommodates your academic schedule.

If you can’t work on-campus, organizations and businesses around Brock University also employ students. Seek a position with flexible hours.

 2. Choose the right times.

Your number one priority is your education. You should not sacrifice learning for a paycheck. Determine the time you need to dedicate each week to class participation and studying before committing to a work schedule.

The Government of Canada has set a 20 hour per week limit for full-time students to work, but Statistics Canada found that most students average 16 hours per week. The impact that student employment has on student academic performance varies from study to study. A summary from Millennium Research arrived at the general consensus that working a limited amount of hours (i.e. 1-15) improves academics, while too many (i.e. 15+) harms them.

Of course, how many hours you can handle while maintaining good grades depends on your personal habits and program of study. Generally, experts recommend less than 15 or 20 hours per week to reap the benefits of working while in college.

 3. Set the right schedule.

Balancing a part-time job and a full course load at Brock University, it is imperative that you stay organized and manage your time well. Leave enough leeway between classes and job shifts in case of delays and to account for commuting time.

Also remember to factor in leisure time! If you study and work without any free time between, you will quickly burn out.

It takes careful planning and determination to balance work and school. Before jumping into a job, be sure that you know what you can handle and that your work schedule fits into your academic schedule.

Brock University students have numerous opportunities to work in and around Brock. For more information on student employment, feel free to contact us.

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