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3 Money Saving Tricks Every Brock University Student Should Know When Shopping Online

3 Money Saving Tricks Every Brock University Student Should Know When Shopping Online

Brock University students (and students everywhere) love a good deal. Ask anyone out there who’s tried online shopping, and you’ll hear some great stories about bargains they found. Bonus points if they tell you how they found it while browsing in their pink bunny slippers. However, you can’t just type in a Google search, and expect to save money. You need to know where to go, and what to look for.

So here are a few places to get you started.

Tip #1: Learn to Love Freecycle

If you have not heard of Freecycle, it’s one of the best friends bargain hunters can have. In short, it’s a place where people who have stuff they don’t want come to advertise it. The hope is that people who do need it will come, and take it off their hands. So if you need a bike, exercise equipment, or even furniture, Freecycle is a good place to look. Remember, though, that it’s your job to haul the items in question. So if you need something big, you might have to call your friend with the pickup.

Tip #2: Check Out Auction Sites (Using This Trick)

We all know you can find some great bargains by going to auction sites like Ebay. The trouble, though, is managing to get a good price on popular items. The more popular something is, the more people will bid, and the higher the price will go. Fortunately, there’s a trick you can master to find the best bargains.

Just misspell something.

Auction site listings are written by people, and people are fallible. One of the most common mistakes made is to misspell an important feature of an item, like putting a “Samsong” smartphone up for auction. These listings are harder to find, and because there’s less competition for them, the prices will be lower. It’s difficult to trick your mind into searching this way, but it can save you a ton of money over the long-term.

Tip #3: Thred Up

If you’re a fan of gently used clothes, then Thred Up is the place for you. You go to the site and pay a relatively small fee to get a box that’s full of a certain type of clothing. You won’t get specific images, but you will get gender, sizes, and types. Then, when your box shows up, it’s a bit of a mystery as to what you got.

This site is a gamble, but it’s the kind of gamble that can pay off if you’re willing to roll the dice. Even better, if you have gently used clothing, you can donate it to Thred Up as well!

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