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Monthly Archives: October 2017

5 Ways to Decorate on The Cheap For Brock University Students

Your first apartment at Brock University is so full of potential when you move in. It’s a blank canvas you can do anything you want with… if only you had the funds. Of course, if you need to furnish your space comfortably while on the cheap, here are a few suggestions you might find helpful. […]

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How Brock University Students Can Turn Stress into Strength

When you’ve spent a long and exhausting day agonizing about grades at Brock University, it’s pretty tough to maintain an upbeat attitude. We’ve all been there. You just want to quit, but before you make that tearful phone-call to your mom to tell her you’re dropping out, consider these tips as words of advice to […]

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Tips for Mastering a Difficult Class at Brock University

Brock University students are no strangers to living the good life in StudentLofts’ luxurious housing environment, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have their own share of challenging classes. Here are three ways to survive a tough class without giving up on your social life.

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Tips for Brock University Students Who Walk Home After Dark

Brock University students often need to walk home after dark. Whether you have a late class, you have stayed late to study, or for another reason, walking home after dark can be a little scary. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make yourself safer if you have to walk home after dark.

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