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Monthly Archives: June 2017

A Simple Routine to Help Brock University Students Beat the 2PM Caffeine Crash

Early afternoon is a popular time for Brock University students to schedule classes. It’s those 8 a.m. lectures that have you snoozing in your seat, and so when you schedule an early afternoon class, you don’t expect to get there and suddenly feel like you need a shot of espresso now.  Picture it: even if you […]

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Should I Bring a Car With Me to Brock University?

If you are a Brock University student, you might be debating whether you want to bring your car with you for the upcoming year. There are advantages to both options, so here are a few things to consider before you make a decision.

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Dealing with Family Squabbles When Brock University Students Return Home for the Summer

For most students, the end of the semester means returning home for the summer. Many students can’t wait to get home, but once they are there, they can’t remember why they were so anxious. When returning home, relationships with family members often pick up right where they left off, and in many cases, that means […]

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Get Involved with Academic Clubs at Brock University

Joining an academic club or organization may not be high on your long list of things to do just as summer starts, but the benefits of doing so will make you want to think again. The networking, leadership, resume-building, and friendship value of participating in a student-run club at Brock University is incomparable to most […]

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Summer Bucket List – 10 Must-Do Things for Brock University Students

Brock University students are frantically cramming to finishing up their exams as summer rapidly approaches. As soon as the last essay is written and the last project is submitted, your break begins. Here are 10 ideas for your summer bucket list to help you relax, stay sharp, and have every bit of fun you can […]

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