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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Sharing a place off-campus near Brock University?: 3 Questions to Ask Before Rooming With Someone

Whether this is your first year going to university or you have been a student for years, picking the right roommates is one of the keys to having a good university experience. Before deciding to room with someone, there are several important questions to ask. What Are Our Feelings Concerning Guests? Before rooming with anyone, […]

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8 Ways for Brock University Students to Make the New Year the Best One Yet

A new year and a new semester means a fresh start for Brock University students. If you want the new year to be the best one yet, it doesn’t just happen without some forethought and planning. Use these tips and be mindful about making decisions to make 2017 a great year. Stay healthy. This means more […]

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5 Signs Brock University Students Might Want to Change Their Major

One of the hardest decisions for Brock University students is to decide on a course of study. There are so many choices, but a decision needs to be made early on in order to finish the degree in the allotted time. Many students continue to doubt their decision, and it can cause a lot of anxiety. If […]

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10 Easy, Inexpensive Gifts Brock University Students Can Give to Family and Friends

Brock university students can get excited and anxious for the holidays, but those who have a list of people they would like to give gifts to might be feeling stress over finances. When you’re in school, and especially at the end of the semester, bank accounts and spending money are at an all-time low, but […]

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Ways for Brock University Students to Declutter and Live Simply

As a Brock University student, you probably have a lot of stuff you need space for like clothes, books, school supplies, computer equipment, clothes, any sports equipment…the list goes on and on. Whether you’re going to clean before leaving on break or you’re telling yourself you’ll do it once you came back, there strategies for […]

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