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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Brock University Students: Accessorizing Your Living Space

Once you’re settled in at Brock University, and all set up with a nice student loft, the next step is maximizing the potential of your living space. Here are 6 little things you can do that will add to your student loft living experience. 1. Even if you already know the campus and surrounding area like the […]

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7 Steps to Get Your Brock University Professors’ Attention — In the Right Way

We all know THAT student — the one who shows up late, asks dumb questions because they missed the last week of classes, contributes nothing to the group project, and then obnoxiously and ignorantly tried to speak up in the last week’s class discussion, like that could make up for an entire semester of slacking. Yes, […]

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A Brock University Student’s Guide to Picking People for Your Study Group

While having fun is part of the university experience, getting good grades is also important. As a Brock University student, you likely realize getting good grades often requires studying. While some people enjoy studying on their own, others find it beneficial to study with another person or in a group. Before forming a study group […]

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5 Ways Brock University Students Can Get Over Homesickness

Change is hard, and some people adapt easier than others. More than two-thirds of students away from home for the first time find themselves experiencing this ailment, and many deal with it at the beginning of each year. But there are some things Brock University students can do to get acclimated faster and feel more […]

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Study, Social Life, & Sleep: How to Do It All at Brock University

When you start university, you will likely hear a maxim that goes something like this: “Study, social life, or sleep — pick any two!” with an ironic “welcome to university” thrown in for dramatic effect. And there will be many moments where this feels entirely true. But take heart, Brock University students: careful time management […]

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