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Monthly Archives: June 2016

4 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Brock University Off-Campus Living Space

From collage inspiration to unique storage ideas, these 4 modern muses are the perfect addition to your Brock University off-campus living space. 1.Shape Up Create a statement wall using nothing more than your Instagram feed. This delightful little idea takes all your favourite moments and people and turns them into art that costs you nothing […]

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3 Steps to Surviving Living At Home During the Summer

When the last exam is taken, and the final paper turned in, many students are relieved that the semester is over, but have mixed feelings about what comes next. For many, it means leaving Brock University and going home for a few months, but that transition isn’t always easy.   Many students have grown accustomed […]

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Brock University Students: It’s Time To Break Up With Your Phone!

University students know that they must be diligent about staying organized, meeting deadlines, and studying until they know the material backwards and forwards. But even the best students have times when it’s just hard to focus and stay productive. It seems it’s a growing trend, not just with Brock University Students but with all students […]

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Brock University Off-Campus Housing: “Adulting” Can Be Stress-Free!

Remember how excited you were to finally move out of your parents’? Let me guess a few of the things you’ve learned since then: the all-you-can-eat deal at the cafeteria works because no one really wants to eat much; sharing a tiny room with someone who likes to have sleepovers with their significant other is […]

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Brock University Students – Don’t Forget About Those Scholarships and Grants!

If you are like most Brock University students you probably haven’t thought about your student loans, at least not since you finished the admissions process. More likely than not, you used the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) to help fund your education. After all, the nice part of the program is that you don’t have to […]

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