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Monthly Archives: April 2016

5 Reasons Brock University Off-Campus Housing is Better than Student Residence

If you’ve gotten through your first year or two, it’s only natural to start exploring housing options beyond student residence. If you’re still unsure on where you want to live, you will find there are many advantages to Brock University off-campus housing. You have the opportunity to gain independence. Unlike student housing, there’s no resident […]

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Great Breakfasts in St. Catharine’s Near Brock University

When you’re a hard working university student, sometimes you stay up all night. Sometimes, even if you get some sleep, it’s after seeing the sky at 2 a.m. Sometimes, you get up very late as a result. At all these times, the best remedy for a haphazard sleep schedule – none or too much – […]

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4 Things Brock University Students Can Do Now To Set Themselves Up for a Successful Fall Semester

For students, it might feel like it’s all you can do to get through this semester, but making a few crucial decisions now can set you up to start the Fall semester on an upswing. If you’re headed back to Brock University in the fall, follow these four tips to ensure your university career continues […]

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Hike or Bike Trails in St. Catharine’s near Brock University

Spring is here at last, making the outdoors beckon and be nearly irresistible. Yes, you have studying for Brock University. Yes, you have many things to do. Still, weekends come. The city of St. Catharine’s maintains over 90 kilometres of beautiful trails for hiking and biking (and running and walking). Here are some of the […]

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