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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Top tips for student networking at Brock University

Networking is important. It’s a good way to extend your friendship and your social base while in university. Say that you are in charge of the annual Spring get-together, and you want more volunteers to make it memorable. Or maybe you’re president of the debate club. You’d like more people in the club, and to […]

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Top Time Management Apps for Brock University Students: Boost Your Productivity

One of the factors that supports your success at Brock University—both in studies and extracurricular stuff—is good time management. And, one of the factors that supports good time management is choosing the best time management apps. It’s a crowded field—there are tons. Below are the top time management apps for Brock University Students.   Time […]

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How to feng shui your Brock University off-campus residence

Feng shui is a Chinese method of ensuring good harmony and good luck in a place, and, conversely, warding off ill harmony and bad luck. No one needs these things more than busy university students—who, free from a student residence and its demands, can at last create their own sense of harmony and balance.   […]

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6 Ways to Be More Productive in Your Brock University Off-Campus Housing

When starting your university adventure, living in student residence halls makes sense. But once you know your way around campus and have made some friends, students can make the choice to live in Brock University off-campus housing. It offers more freedom, amenities, and increases productivity for many students. Dorms can be noisy and uncomfortable. They […]

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5 Tips to Live Happily with Other People at University

For most students, going away to school is a big adjustment. Not only are they responsible for more challenging academics, but living on their own for the first time. One of those new experiences involves having roommates. This can be difficult for some students, especially if they’ve never had to share a living space before. […]

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