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Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Best Online Resources for Brock University Students

As a current university student, you were born into a world where internet resources are a given. If it exists, you can find it online! And here’s the great news: there are wonderful resources for students online, and we’re here to help you locate them.   The challenge isn’t lack of resources. In some ways, […]

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3 Essential Home Kits Brock University Students Absolutely Must Have

Out of the nest you’ve gone. You’ve got that independence you’ve always wanted. Your own place, kind of adult-like, adorned with your style, modern and hip, just like you. You’re setting a trend with your new decor like you’ve always done with your fashion. Classy, yet very avant-garde. Now, how to maintain that and keep […]

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10 Useful and Fun Apps for Brock University Students

The Brock University school year has officially begun and adapting (or returning) to campus life can be a little stressful. But we’re here to help. Today, we’ve compiled a list of apps for Brock University Students to help you stay organized, save money, get healthy and so much more. Take a look. Mint – A lot […]

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