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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Life As A Second Year Brock University Student

Journal entry….   “Year two begins on a high note. Looking forward to new off-campus housing at STUDENTLOFTS.CA. So glad I took the tour, this place has everything I need. Mom will be so glad not to see me come home with piles of dirty laundry – I will have a washer and dryer right […]

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Brock University Student Survival Guide: Financial Edition

Purposefully planning a budget for your university expenses may well be the first true test of your resolve as you venture into adulthood. Assuming you and your family previously figured out the mechanism for funding your education, now it is up to you to learn to budget for the experience.   “College is a refuge […]

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A Complete List of Stuff You Absolutely, Positively MUST Have at Your Brock University Housing

After you’ve moved into your housing, it’s time to consider stocking it with the essentials. If you are on your own for the first time, you probably have no idea what to stock besides food. Food is great, but there are some basics you must have to survive the school year. Following is a list […]

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Brock University Student Survival Guide: Historical Edition

Do you know a lot about St. Catherine’s, Ontario or the Brock University Campus? As a Brock University Student (or a prospective one), here’s what you need to know.   ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO – The Formative Years   St. Catharines is the largest city in Canada’s Niagara Region and the sixth largest urban area in […]

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Brock University Student Survival Guide: Pizza Edition

Welcome to your Brock University Student Survival Guide : Pizza Edition, where you can find out where to get or how to make the world’s easiest and most versatile one-dish meal.   Everybody loves pizza! And if everybody doesn’t love the traditional concoction with a cheese and tomato sauce base, it’s easy to find alternatives that […]

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Beyond The Dorm: The Perks of Off-Campus Housing for Brock University Students

As a university student, sometimes it seems it is assumed your housing has to be something cheap and basic. If you are thinking about moving out of your current residence, here are some four features you can enjoy in your home while being a university student.   Convenient Washer and Dryer While living with your […]

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