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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Beyond the Dorm: Finding Off-Campus Housing for Brock University Students

Living away from home for some university students can be a lot to deal with. Many cope by spending their first year in a dorm. But by second year, some students may be planning the next step in their independence: off-campus housing. Off-campus housing can be tempting for a lot of reasons: more space, more […]

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Brock University Student Survival Guide: Fitness Edition

For many years, there has been a theory that you gain about 15 pounds or about 7 kilograms during your first year of university. Studies have shown that this is because students aren’t used to making their own food decisions and often make bad choices. One of the worst choices available is often the cafeteria […]

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Brock University Student Survival Guide: Vegetarian Edition

As a vegetarian or a vegan, or a wannabee vegetarian or vegan, you have options and opportunities as a student at Brock! We present a few in our Brock University Student Survival Guide: Vegetarian & Vegan Edition.   Near Brock, find 1 vegan restaurant and bakery and 8 vegetarian-friendly restaurants and cafes.   Rise Above Restaurant and […]

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A Guide for First Year Brock University Students: International Students, Part 3

Welcome to the third installment of our guide series for international students studying at Brock University. This time we want to bring your attention to a few programs that are not mandatory, but would be extremely helpful for all international students. By participating in these arrangements you will: Learn a ton of useful information about your […]

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