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Monthly Archives: May 2015

A Student Guide for First Year Brock Students

Going off to university is exciting, but can be a little scary. Use our checklist for first year Brock Students to make your transition a little easier.   1. Find a Place To Live Brock University, located in St. Catherines, the Garden City of Ontario, is one of the finest schools in North America. The first […]

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Simplifying Your First Year at Brock University

The first year of University can be hectic. This is the first time many students are completely autonomous in regards to laundry, food, routine, and a plethora of other matters that can detract from time that should be spent learning. In this post we talk about the challenging aspects of living on your own for […]

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A Student Guide for First Year Brock Students: Know Where You’re Going

Are you excited about officially being a Brock University student? We would like to extend our heart-felt congratulations and offer a short student guide for first year students.   Know the Campus Explore the campus before the semester begins. What is the location of the James A. Gibson Library, Union Station cafeteria, and each of your classes? […]

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Getting a Summer Job Begins with a Successful Interview

The spring semester is almost over and you still have yet to find a summer job. The fall semester isn’t going to pay for its self. After you’ve made the rounds and submitted a few applications, you’ll need to be prepared for the interviews that follow. We’ve put together a few interview tips for getting a summer job.   […]

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Looking for a Job? Stop and Read Through These Resume Writing Tips

The season is here for new beginnings and now is the time to start looking for that summer job. Be it just for a seasonal gig to collect some extra cash towards a vacation or something you’d like to hold on to all year round, putting together a well thought out resume could be your […]

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Going On A Break After Finals? Here Are Some Great Tips On How To Pack A Suitcase or Travel Bag.

You made it! You survived finals and earned a much-needed vacation for yourself! Now it’s time to pack. Here are some tips on how to pack a suitcase or travel bag that you might find helpful.   This video covers the basic logistics of placing travel items into a bag. Roll your clothes up instead of folding them […]

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How A Successful Brock University Student Stays on the Healthy Track

The freedom to make decisions for your own life is one of the many pleasures you enjoy as a university student. While it may feel good to rebel by dropping some of the habits that you were required to follow while living at home, there some that you should continue to follow because  staying healthy […]

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